FAQ - The Ice Tub


1. How much ice do I need to add?
We recommend adding 10-20kg of ice to the IceTub per session depending on the initial water temperature. The amount of ice needed highly depends on your tap water temperature, the climate you live in, and how cold you desire it to be.

Since the IceTub is insulated it will keep the water cold for longer, and you may therefore not have to add as much ice after the first time.

2. The IceTub dimensions, water capacity & weight limit?
Diameter: 80cm
Height: 75cm
Weight: 4 kg
Capacity: 320L

Suitable for heights up to 6′9 foot (2.1m) and fits people weighing up to 115kg-135kg comfortably.

3. What is The IceTub made out of?
We prioritize using materials that meet the highest standards of safety.

Interior layer:
100% Food-grade PVC plastics. BPA, phthalates & lead Free. 

Pearl Insulation with Sub-zero cooling technology.

Exterior layer:
The IceTub is made with peach skin fabric. This fabric has not been treated with any PFAS or other water-repellent chemicals.

Due to its natural characteristics, this thicker and stronger material is inherently water repellent and even UV-resistant.

4. What temperature do you recommend?
We recommend starting out with your ice bath tub temperature at around 15 to 20°C if it's your first time, and then slowly lowering the temperature and duration for each session. That way your body will get acclimated to the cold.

4. How long should each ice bath session be?
To get the health benefits, you'll need to stay in cold water below 15°C for three to fifteen minutes. Cold water therapy works best with the right combination of time and temperature. Each individual is different and some people can tolerate lower temperatures.

5. How do I drain The IceTub?
The IceTub comes with a tap at the bottom for draining. To drain it, connect a standard garden hose or simply open the tap depending on where The IceTub is set up.

6. Does it include a cover?
Yes. The IceTub includes a waterproof cover to keep the water clean. We also offer an insulated lid that will keep the water cold for longer.

7. How often should I clean/empty The IceTub?
To keep the water clean for long periods of time, we recommend adding our Eucalyptus Epsom Salt and Water Stabilizer to the water. Add 1kg to a full IceTub and you can keep the water in The IceTub for 2-4 weeks when using Epsom Salt and Water Stabilizer. 

With no use of salt to disinfect we recommend changing the water every 3-5 sessions.

8. Can The IceTub be set up outside?
Yes! We engineered The IceTub to be weather and UV resistant, so you can set it up inside or outside, even in the warmer outdoor temperatures. The insulation keeps makes the ice melt a lot slower.

9. How do I assemble The IceTub?
Please follow the instructions that came with The IceTub or watch this video: Assembly Guide

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